Asia Climate Week | 26-29 March 2019 | Suntec Singapore

WMO welcomes Asia Climate Week to Singapore.

An excellent opportunity to meet leading hydromet technology companies and service providers with the expertise and solutions to help meet the growing challenges of extreme weather, climate change, water management, and air quality.

Bringing the public, private and academic sectors together ...

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• Event covers full week – 'Asia Climate Week'

The 6th InterMET Asia Conference & Exhibition is now the largest event for Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands dedicated to the use of weather information – routinely, and to help mitigate, manage and provide eaely warning of the growing impacts of extreme weather & climate change.

For 2019 it is joined by the 2nd InterFLOOD Asia flood management & mitigation Conference & Exhibition, and the debut InterAIR Asia, focused on air quality monitoring, measurement and improvement.

The result is Asia Climate Week – the biggest coming together ever of public, private and academic expertise on weather & climate-related issues for the Asia, Africa and Pacific regions.

Join us at Suntec, Singapore, from the 26-29 March for this extraordinary gathering of environmental expertise & technology.

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The WMO office for Asia and the South-West Pacific

World Meteorological Organization’s new office for Asia and the South-West Pacific started operations in Singapore last year. It will seek to improve coordination on hazards including extreme weather and air pollution and to strengthen meteorological services for rapidly evolving economic sectors such as air and marine transport.

WMO Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Dr. Chung Kyu Park, relocated from WMO headquarters in Geneva heads the new office hosted by the Meteorological Service Singapore.

The move is part of a wider WMO strategy to strengthen its regional presence, to improve services to its Members and deepen relationships with development partners. The WMO Regional office for Africa will be moved to Addis Ababa in early 2019 to bolster activities on the African continent.

“The relocation of the Regional Offices will reinforce regional cooperation and coordination and underpin WMO’s capacity-development initiatives in support of sustainable development, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation,” said Mary Power, WMO Director of Development and Regional Activities.

Many countries in the Asia-Pacific region are already feeling the impact of climate change, including more frequent heat-waves, more intense tropical storms, and coastal inundation resulting from sea level rise, threatening food, health and water security. They also are vulnerable to naturally occurring El Niño and La Niña events. Air pollution and trans-boundary haze, environmental degradation and water stress add to the challenges.

“Asia and the South-West Pacific is one of the world’s most dynamic economic regions and a booming transport hub, fostering an ever-increasing demand for reliable weather and climate services. The new office in Singapore will fine-tune WMO activities to the needs of stakeholders in the region,” said Dr. Park.

Singapore was selected because of its central position relative to WMO Asia and Pacific Member states, flight connectivity and modern IT infrastructure. The existing WMO Offices for West Asia based in Bahrain and for the South-West Pacific in Samoa, will report to the team in Singapore as well as to WMO headquarters.

Listen to interview with WMO Regional Director for Asia-Pacific, Dr. Chung Kyu Park >>

5 reasons to attend Asia Climate Week

Reason 1. Extreme weather & climate change

For 2019 the central theme of the InterMET and InterFLOOD conferences will be rapid urbanisation and growth of megacities. Over 4 billion people – 55% of the world’s population – now live in cities and the largest 20 by population are in Asia and Africa. Their ‘footprints’ cover all the ‘critical’ infrastructure systems vital to their survival. These are also increasingly vulnerable to the impact of extreme weather & climate change.

Reason 2. Flood & water management

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special report on 1.5oC has warned that the global warming threshold may be breached as early as 2030 if current warming trends continue. This will have dire consequences for many countries, particularly Small Island Developing States (SIDs), as well as for the many cities located on waterfronts.

Reason 3. Air quality

According to the WHO, some 8 million people die every year, with 4.2 million deaths resulting from exposure to ambient (outdoor) air pollution and 3.8 million due to indoor exposure to smoke from dirty cookstoves and fuels. Aside from health impacts, dust and other air pollutants can have a significant impact on solar power generation. Recent research published in the Journal 'Energy & Environmental Science' shows these effects can mean the difference between a successful solar power installation and one that operates at a loss.

Reason 4. International conference

The major international conference will bring together many of the worlds leading experts from the commercial, public and academic sectors making this a not to be missed opportunity to share information and best practice, and hear about the latest thinking on mitigating, managing and providing early warning of the increasing impacts of extreme weather & climate change.

Reason 5. International exhibition

One of the largest exhibitions outside Europe and the US will feature many of the world's leading hydrometeorology technology companies and providers of forecasting services. These companies help develop the cutting edge innovations crucial to gathering, processing, analysing and communicating the information that is critical to mitigating & managing the growing challenges of extreme weather & climate change.

Asia Climate Week - the Conference

• Includes InterMET Asia   • InterFLOOD Asia   • InterAIR Asia

CONFERENCE THEME: Urbanisation & the rise of the mega-city – the use of weather data, routinely and to address the challenge of extreme weather & climate change on critical infrastructure & essential services

The overall InterMET, InterFLOOD and InterAIR conference programme will comprise the following sessions:

1. Joint plenary sessions

  • Keynote Presentations (2 sessions).
  • Resilient early warning, response & recovery.
  • Operational forecasting systems in the urban environment.
  • Grand Concluding Debate – What is the biggest challenge facing the Global Weather Enterprise in the next 5 years?

2. InterMET sessions

  • Meteorology & Hydrology in Transport Management (Aviation, marine and road)
  • Using investment tools to reduce climate risks and impacts.
  • Private sector briefings on innovations in hydromet technology and forecasting services (2 sessions).
  • Public Sector, Commercial Services –Should the public sector offer commercial hydromet services.

3. InterFLOOD sessions

  • Asian perspective on the challenges to flood management, mitigation and resilience.
  • Flood resilience workshop - led by Zurich Flood Resielience Alliance
  • Urban flood control: Innovations in ‘Smart’ or ‘digital’ approaches to flood mitigation, management and resilience.
  • Putting flood risk management at the heart of urban planning.

4. InterAIR sessions

  • Air Quality – Public Health & other impacts
  • Air Quality – Monitoring & Measurement

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Who will be attending Asia Climate Week

100 Resilient Cities
Acez Instruments  
Afghan Civil Aviation Authority
All Weather Inc  
Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre
Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry
Augur Intelligence Technology
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Bangladesh Meteorological Department
Beijing Santel Technology & Trading Corp.  
Bentley Systems
Bhutan Department of Hydro-Meteorological Service
Biral Ltd  
Campbell Scientific
Celsius Pro
Centre for Climate Research Singapore
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH)
Cimel Electronique  
Cook Islands Meteorological Service
Corporation Electric Co Pte Ltd  
Dam Easy Flood Barriers  
Delta Ohm  
Department of Civil Aviation, Myanmar
Department of Hydrology & Meteorology
Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Laos
Department of Meteorology and Hydrology, Myanmar
Department of Meteorology, Sri Lanka
Direction de la Météorologie Nationale, Côte d'Ivoire
Earth Networks  
Eastern Electrolyser  
ELDES s.r.l.  
Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC)
Environment Agency
Environmental Instruments Ltd.
Everise Technology  
Fiji Meteorological Service
FSM Weather Station
Gadjah Mada University
Geodesign Barriers  Gill Instruments  
Ghana Meteorological Services Department
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery
Gravitas International  
Haskoning Singapore Pte Ltd  HMEI  
Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)
Indonesia Bureau of Meteorology and Geophysics
International Association of Broadcast Meteorologists
International Federation of Meteorological Societies
Kiribati Meteorological Service
LEONARDO Germany GmbH  
MapMakers LLC
Mercy Corps
Meteo France International  
Météo-France Polynesie Francaise
Meteorological Service of New Zealand Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric  
Nehru Technological University
New Delhi Television
New Orleans Mosquito & Termite Control Board
Niue Meteorology & Climate Change Department
NOAQ Flood Protection AB  
Norwegian Meteorological Institute
nowcast GmbH
Ohlahoma University
OneRain Incorporated
Optical Scientific Inc.  
Orbital Micro Systems  
OTT HydroMet  
Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)
Papua New Guinea Meteorological Service
Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration
Practical Action
Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl  
Raymetrics SA  
Reja Consult SDN BHD
Royal HaskoningDHV
Samoa Meteorology Division
Scintec AG  
Sea and Land Technologies Pte Ltd  
SEBA Hydrometrie GmbH & Co KG  
Solomon Islands Meteorological Service
Spire Global
Taru Leading Edge Pvt Ltd.
TenCate Geosynthetics Asia
The World Bank  
Theta Instruments CO. LTD    
Tonga Meteorological Service
Tottori University
Tuvalu Met Service
Unitest Instruments  
University of Miami
University of Salford
University of Waterloo
Vanuatu Meteorological Services
Viet Nam Meteorological and Hydrological Administration
Water Powered Technologies Ltd  
WeatherNews Inc.
Westenberg Engineering  
World Meteorological Organisation
Wx Risk Global  
Zambia Meteorological Department
Zentraanstalt fur Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG)
Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance

Asia Climate Week - the Exhibition

The 6th Anniversary InterMET Asia Exhibition of meteorology & hydrology technology companies and providers of forecasting services will be the largest ever gathering of weather and climate services companies in the Asia-Pacific region - the world's fastest growing market for weather & climate services.

These companies help develop the cutting edge innovations crucial to gathering, processing, analysing and communicating the information that is critical to addressing the growing challenges of extreme weather & climate change to our economic and social wellbeing.

Whether your research is in the area of energy, public health, transport, communications, water management or any other area involving the environment, this is your opportunity to meet and network with experts and companies from cross the world.

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