InterFLOOD Asia '18, Suntec, Singapore, 11-12 April 2018

Will your business still be in business after a major flood event strikes?

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Managing the risks and impacts of flooding due to extreme weather & climate change ...

InterFLOOD Asia is South East Asia's first event dedicated to managing and mitigating the risks of potentially disastrous flooding.

The show is supported by the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction & Recovery (GFDRR) and is co-located with the established InterMET Asia extreme weather & climate services conference & exhibition.

What you will get from the 2-day InterFLOOD Asia conference

  • A clear insight into Asian countries' experiences in flood risk management, sharing of knowledge and best practice, and building flood resilience and adaptability.
  • Latest information on the use of 'structural' and 'engineering' solutions to manage and mitigate flood risk.
  • An understanding of non-structural – 'smart', 'natural' or 'green' – approaches to addressing flood risk.
  • A detailed insight into the use of meteorology & hydrology to inform resilient and adaptable design, and to build flood early warning systems.
  • Information on different approaches to building resilient disaster recovery systems and services.
  • Details of the latest innovations in flood mitigation, management and early warning technology.
  • Hear how business is building resilience and adaptability to flood (and other extreme weather) risks and impacts.
  • Understand the use of weather risk management insurance as a flood resilience tool.

PLUS - free to attend exhibition of flood technology companies

How InterFLOOD Asia and InterMET Asia will work together

  • InterFLOOD will focus on the innovations in thinking, funding, technology and design of critical infrastructure, systems and processes that are resilient and adaptable to extreme weather & climate change.
  • InterMET will focus on innovations in use of hydrometeorology technology and data to forecast extreme weather hazards and in the development and implementation of impact early warning systems across all sectors and activities.

Added bonus – get 2 conferences & 2 exhibitions for the price of one!

In 2018, InterFLOOD will be co-located with the 5th InterMET Asia Conference & Exhibition – THE extreme weather & climate change event for Asia and the Pacific.

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NOTE: Conference Early Bird ends 28 February. Conference places from as little as SGD 175.

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The InterFLOOD conference schedule

11 & 12 April

Opening Plenary Sessions

Leading international experts will cover the most important issues at the start each day. The Plenary Sessions are shared with InterMET Asia.

Main 2-day InterFLOOD Asia Conference

The sessions include:

Perspectives on Flooding - Meeting the challenges of extreme weather & climate change in Asia, Africa and the Pacific Islands

Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience 1 - Structural & Engineering Solutions

Flood Mitigation, Management & Resilience 2 - 2 sessions covering non-structural, 'smart' and natural or 'green' solutions

Technical Presentations - The latest innovations in flood mitigation and management

Resilient Disaster Recovery Systems - Coping with the aftermath of major flood events


Conference Workshops

Workshop 1. Health (TBC)

  • How hydromet data and flood early warning systems can help combat the conditions that spread dangerous diseases, with a focus on Zika, Dengue and Malaria.

Workshop 2 (Sponsored and hosted by Baron): Meteorology meets Hydrology

  • The critical need for meteorologists and hydrologists to work together.

Workshop 3. Building Business Resilience

  • Building the resilience and adaptability of business to flood (and other extreme weather) risks and impacts

Workshop 4 (Sponsored and hosted by Baron): Flood Forecasting

  • Advances in flood forecasting systems & services (including application of geospatial, meteorological and hydrological data).

For full conference and workshop programme, visit here >>

Meet some of the InterFLOOD conference speakers ...

Fred Dahl, Executive Vice President, Aquafence
Topic: Temporary flood barriers built to meet specific case needs


Nicole Dinion, Innovation and Business Development Expert, Ericsson
Topic: Microweather - measuring real-time rainfall with a fine spatial and temporal resolution using existing cellular network infrastructure

Jerzy Pietrucha, CEO, Pietrucha Group
Topic: SuperLock hybrid sheet piling - from conception to final product

The expert speakers to date include:

  • John Adams, Sales Director International, CMI Ltd
  • Ian Allison, Global Head Climate Resilience, Mott MacDonald
  • Dr Erik Andersson, Deputy Director of Forecasts, ECMWF
  • Jonathan Barratt, CEO, CelsiusPro (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Dr. Senaka Basnayake, Department Head, Climate Change and Climate Risk Management (CCCRM), Asia Disaster Preparedness Centre
  • Mike Bergin, Regional Director – Western Australia, Australian Bureau of Meteorology    
  • Fred Dahl, Executive Vice Presdient, Aquafence
  • Alan DeCiantis, Director of Product, Forest Technology Systems (FTS), Canada
  • Nicole Dinion, Innovation and Business Development Expert, Ericsson
  • Rowan Douglas, CEO Capital, Science and Policy Practice, Willis Towers Watson, UK
  • Martin Gazak, System Development Manager, MicroStep-MIS    
  • Prof. Bingunath Ingirige, Chair in Project Management and Resilience, Global Disaster Resilience Centre (GDRC), University of Huddersfield
  • Dr. Dasarath Jayasuriya, General Manager, Public Safety, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
  • Professor Alan Jenkins, Deputy Director and Water and Pollution Science Director, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, UK
  • Marcel Marchand, Specialist in coastal zone and flood risk management, Deltares
  • John McHenry, Chief Scientist, Baron Advanced Meteorological Systems
  • Jerzy Pietrucha, CEO, Pietrucha Group
  • Gurudutt Prasad, Disaster Risk Consultant to Govt. of Andhra Pradesh; Chief functionary/Disaster Manager to CADME
  • Nyoman Prayoga, Flood Resilience Program Manager, Mercy Corps     
  • Hanneke Schuurmans, Leading Professional Early Warning & Flood Forecasting, Royal HaskoningDHV
  • Jason Smith, President, Presray Corp.    
  • Michael Sommer, Application Engineer / Sales Manager International
  • Mathias Steck, EVP and Regional Manager APAC, DNV GL Digital Solutions
  • Steven Trewhella, Board Member, UK Flood Partnership
  • Heerco Wallinga, Business Development Manager, Delta-Ohm
  • Dr. Philip Ward, Associate Professor, Deputy Head Dept. of Water and Climate, Instituut voor Milieuvraagstukken (IVM) – Institute for Environmental Studies

For full the speaker programme, visit here >>

Conference Preview

Topic: A global framework for future costs and benefits of river flood protection in urban areas
Speaker: Dr. Philip Ward, Associate Professor, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Session: Perspectives on flooding (Session Sponsor: Royal HaskoningDHV)


Floods cause billions of dollars of economic damage each year, and this is expected to increase in the future due to socioeconomic development and climate change‎. To limit these losses, and to protect people and their livelihoods from flooding, adaptation in flood risk management systems is required that takes into account both current and future risk. Whilst several global scale flood risk models have now been developed to assess both current and future river flood risk, to date none of these include currently installed or future flood risk management measures, nor their costs and benefits. In this contribution, a new framework for assessing the costs and benefits of structural flood protection measures in urban areas around the world is presented.

Sponsor Preview - AquaFence

Traditionally the world has looked at sandbags as the only temporary alternative to permanent flood barriers. During the last few years there have been multiple new temporary flood barriers launched. Many have been built by good practitioners, but only some have been certified and tested.

Even today most tenders asking for temporary flood barriers show a lack of knowledge of the key parameters ensuring a good performing temporary flood barrier in flood after floods. Water is a difficult media. Where the flood comes, how high it comes and with what kind of forces it brings, will be different every time. However, the leaders in temporary flood barriers today have such knowhow that they can - almost with surgical precision - build their solution to the specific case in need of protection.

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NOTE: Conference Early Bird ends 28 February. Conference places from as little as SGD 175.

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The InterFLOOD Asia Exhibition – an unprecedented opportunity to meet the industry

Join us at the FREE-TO-ATTEND InterFLOOD Asia Exhibition of leading flood technology companies.

For all flood affected enterprises and flood professionals – This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet the companies which offer technical expertise and solutions to meet your flood protection requirements.

Remember, you are invited!

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